Slide Managment and Toolbars

PowerPoint templates are often not enough. To really streamline your proposal and sales processes and create presentations and documents quickly and accurately you need access to all those standard slides that should not be missing from any proposal.

Up-to-date CVs and case studies, company overviews that include the latest numbers and figures, maps with the correct addresses from all your offices. Especially if you are an organisation where multiple logos and colour themes are in use then compiling a sales presentation can become a painful process.

We create bespoke tools for exactly those purposes. Create a new presentation file and the correct logo with the correct legal disclaimer is automatically there. Select images and colour themes and then then simply populate the document with pre-formatted slides from a whole host of libraries. These libraries are centrally held and each updated regularly – either centrally or by user-contribution. Our tools are enhanced by technical wizardry to give you buttons and place holder objects for all those complex PowerPoint formatting tasks.

How about inserting a table from Excel and re-formatting it with the press of one button? Or colour coding an entire section with one click? Or filling in a contents page with page number reference… we know just the right trick for those little annoying tasks and we have a button for it.