Smart Table for Word Report Templates

Format tables in your Word report template with one smart button. Newly created tables or those copied in from other Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents will be consistent, on brand and match your template design perfectly.

Key features:

  • Consistent formatting for shading, borders and fonts
  • Insertion of caption headings with automatic figure/table numbering
  • Correct sizing to predefined widths
  • Works on linked Excel tables or more complex nested tables
  • Works with merged cells or double header rows

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Why is this a brilliant function for a custom Word template?

Many reports are based on data which is compiled and analysed within Excel. However, these reports are being prepared within Word which requires data transfer and often long-winded formatting to present these data tables in line with the prescribed Word template formatting. Updating data tables can become a chore, especially when time is of the essence.

Smart Table Tool for Word Templates

How does it work?

Our Smart Table tool sweeps through each row and column and quickly applies the appropriate agreed template style, adhering to the corporate visual rules. Specialist settings such as ‘Heading rows to repeat across pages’ are applied or the table can be forced to stay together on one page. Auto-numbered captions are assigned which can be used for automated Tables-of-Tables or for nifty cross-references within text (which then automatically update when the caption of your referenced table changes).

There is one button that does it all within a split-second.

Who needs this?

This popular tool is a firm favourite of thousands of users for nearly a decade. Employed by nearly every one of our clients – from global well-known scientific or financial organisations to boutique expert advisories.