Smart Paste for automated Word Report Templates

Reformat copied content from old documents as you paste into your new Word report template quickly with one smart button. Headings, text, bullets, tables and other content brought into your new template will be consistent, on brand and will match your template design perfectly.

Key features:

  • Mixed content copied from other Word document will be formatted
    correctly as it is pasted in
  • Your new template will not be distorted with ‘alien’ styles
  • Section breaks or other distorting information is automatically neutralised
  • Our Smart Table can be incorporated so entire pages of text/tables can be pasted and formatted in one go
  • Old document styles can be matched to your new template so that legacy content can be reused. This can even work with more complex paragraph numbering so content from can be imported easily

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Why is this a brilliant function for a custom Word template?

Being able to reuse content is important but can corrupt new templates easily. Copying text and other elements from a differently styled template brings with it those styles making your document confusing and inconsistent. Content can be copied in as ‘text only’ but reformatting each element, headings, bullets etc. can be time consuming and difficult to achieve if you are not that familiar with how Word works.

How does it work?

Our Smart Paste tool sweeps through your content line by line and quickly applies the appropriate agreed template style, adhering to the corporate visual rules. Smart Paste will look at how the content has been originally styled and match it to the appropriate new style, any content that cannot be matched will revert to ‘normal body text’ to avoid bringing in old styling to your document. Unnecessary paragraph spaces, will be removed as well as any potentially harmful formatting elements, such as Section Breaks. For more complex content, such as formal legal numbered documents, we can program Smart Paste to recognise the old in-house styles and ensure these are matched and restyled appropriately.

Smart Paste also works in conjunction with our Smart Table tool to reformat any tables that have been copied in with the text in one button click.

Who needs this?

This popular tool is a firm favourite of thousands of users for nearly a decade. Employed by nearly every one of our clients – from global well-known scientific or financial organisations to boutique expert advisories.