Logo selector for Word letterhead templates and stationery

Large organisation with offices across globe and various products find it cumbersome to manage individual stationery templates (such as letterheads, invoice, agenda, memos etc.) for each division and location. These stationery templates tend to include office information, product information and compliance related information.

At CTS we have developed a one stop solution to incorporate all these information for such large multi national organisations.

Our word stationery template can contain automated tools that allow users to select their regional information or other office location from a dropdown list to create stunning professional documents all using just one file and without the need to maintain multiple templates for each location.

Key features:

  • Logo triggers input of the correct legal details and a list of available locations or any other location / entity dependent information
  • In-house management of all information via wizard
  • Logo inserted in the correct size and position on the page
  • Logo on/off tool so that you can create a pdf letter from Word that will show logo and branding or switch this off to use your pre-printed stock paper
  • Personal details can either be filled in from a central database or be typed in by the user but saved for ongoing availability

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Why is this a brilliant feature for a corporate stationery Word template?

The possible combination of all these variables can be endless if you have to manage one different template for each possible variation.

Our sophisticated corporate Word templates can be created from any combination. Therefore they are available for all users across all entities and countries. This really means co-operation between teams without borders.


 How does it work?

The data needed for the different variables is drawn from central (or local) folders, each containing a bit of the information. The folders can be organised via a database or simply with a certain sub-folder structure. Any update is immediately available to all users within their corporate stationery Word templates.

Alternatively, for smaller requirements, the data can even be pre-contained WITHIN the template file itself. No installation other than the copy/paste of one template file is required with a solution like this.

All updates can be made in-house without any technical knowledge. Either by updating files in the resources folders or via an easy ‘Maintenance function’ within the template itself.

Who needs this?

This corporate stationery Word template solution is a great tool for all organisations who battle with managing more than one or two templates for different legal entities, different products or different localisation features or even if your branding has certain variables.