MS Office template developers – we make template design work

CTS are proud to be market leading MS Office template developers.
Our clients love our personal and professional approach and users love the fact that Word and PowerPoint have become easy for them.

Our template developers work here at London Bridge

From our studio here at London Bridge, we design and develop corporate Word and PowerPoint templates and tools. We are a dedicated team of highly skilled MS Office Template developers. Being specialists in Word and PowerPoint, we are all senior professionals with a decade or more experience in either MS Office training or related business document support services.

It is this daily, direct work with the actual business users of MS Office templates, that makes us understand exactly what our clients need and how they use Word, PowerPoint and Excel in their particular field and in their daily work.

Why are we different?

Because we are truly passionate about Word and PowerPoint templates and tools. That’s why our emphasis is on user-friendliness and contemporary design. All solidly built into templates and tools that really work for normal business users.

Every visual layout – whether designed by us or presented to us for ‘templating’ by our design agency partners – undergoes a detailed technical feasibility analysis to ensure that your new templates work exactly as intended.

Show us your documents or designs today for a first template consultation – it’s free.